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Filed Under (Life) by Sean on February-13-2008

Finally Gary has capitulated . . . we now have free wireless Internet at Onion Creek. They turn it off at 4 pm everyday but luckily my encrypted proxy technique I use whenever I’m on an open WAP circumvents it (it appears they only shut off port 80 when they stop providing access). So I’m sipping a delicious latte and enjoying the gorgeous weather and writing this post (of course it would even be better sipping a latte while at the controls of a twin turbojet aircraft).

If you want to practice your METAR decoding, here is the current weather:

KHOU 132153Z 00000KT 10SM CLR 16/M03 A3008 RMK AO2 SLP191 T01611033

Read my previous article on flying to get hints on how to decode this. Until next time, back to my latte (and PHP development framework research) . . . .

Filed Under (Geekstuff, Life) by Sean on February-13-2008

After some painstaking effort at hacking style sheets and fixing a lot of broken template code, my blog has a new look! Let me know what you think. Thanks!

Filed Under (Business) by Sean on February-13-2008

Well it appears SBUX is ditching its relationship with T-Mobile in favor of a new relationship with AT&T to provide free and paid Wi-Fi service at its stores starting this spring. Looks like I’ll finally be able to can my Internet bundle I have with my T-Mobile phone service (though an agreement between AT&T and T-Mobile will grandfather T-Mobile HotSpot users to use the service at no extra charge). Users of Starbucks cards — though I’m not sure if that means the prepaid cards or charge cards or something else entirely — will get 2 hours of free service daily, according to the story. Additional use will be available at extra cost.

So next time you get a triple Venti mocha java no whip latte, be sure to grab your laptop. However I caution you to set up a encrypted proxy for your surfing if you want to ensure no one can see what you’re doing. I’ll have an instructional document on how to do that very soon!