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. . . for saying stupid shit like that!

This language abuse has reached epidemic proportions. I don’t know when or how it happened; it kind of sneaked up on all of us. Allow me to decline the personal pronoun, I.

Person Singular Plural
First Person I we
Second Person you you
Third Person he/she/it they

This is the nominative case of the personal pronoun. This form is used in the subject of a sentence. I go to the store. You go to the store. He and I went to the store. He and I went to Margarita Friday. We went to the bar. They should get a life. Note compound subjects still use the nominative case of the pronoun. A compound subject is defined as the use of one or more subjects joined by a conjunction but that have the same predicate.

Let me decline the accusative form of the personal pronoun:

Person Singular Plural
First Person me us
Second Person you you
Third Person him/her/it them

The accusative case is used in the object of a sentence. I gave the present to her (this is actually the Dative case but let’s not split hairs). The bartender served him a drink. I lectured them about bad grammar.

The abuse seems to be limited to the use of compound subjects. I haven’t heard someone say lately, “Me like Mexican food,” for example. Here’s a tip when trying to figure out which form to use in a sentence. Before using compound subjects or objects, use one of the subjects alone and determine which form you would use. Then use the same form with the compound use. For example, the sentence “I like Mexican food” uses the nominative form, so “She and I like Mexican food” also uses the nominative form. “He and I went to the concert” is another example. Similarly with the accusative form, “They gave the drinks to me” becomes “They gave the drinks to Fred and me.” Not “They gave the drinks to Fred and I!!” Grammar gods, save us please!

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This is sort of a follow up to my article on Microsoft’s bid for Yahoo. I encourage you to read (or re-read) that article; the premise is that Google continues to innovate and has fully embraced the open source model of application development and become active in promoting and contributing to the open source community. This is what I believe Microsoft should do if it doesn’t want to go the way of the IBM Selectric. Unfortunately, Microsoft’s proprietary software dogma has reached pathological proportions and it will take a major changing of the guard (that means you, Ballmer) to knock any sense into the executive suite. If Microsoft doesn’t start getting with the open source program (in principle and action), I predict it will be a vestigial semblance of itself in twenty years time. This blog entry demonstrates what Google is doing and why they will continue to rule as long as the innovation continues.

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So, my Dad asks me, “What the hell is a blog anyway?” I found this great video, courtesy of Common Craft, explaining blogs in plain English. If you don’t see the video below, you can view it directly at

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I must admit I’ve never been a huge fan of Valentine’s day, having been “reinvented” in the 19th century by a stationary store owner. I’m a bigger fan of its alter ego, Singles Awareness Day. In any case, it is yet another Margarita Friday. It is back at one of its primary haunts, Teala’s. Christina always makes an excellent Margarita and the food is good and reasonably priced. How did I spend my Valentine’s day? At Corkscrew, a local wine bar (which now serves grub). And the Houston Chronicle took a photo of yours truly to prove it. Happy Margarita Friday!