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I just received these pictures from my good friend Jill, who received them from a third party. They were taken here in Houston two days ago on Highway 59 northbound around W. Airport Blvd. Out here, the lanes are very wide. A couple of miles up the road, however, our friend is in for a very nasty surprise as the lanes get narrower (or at least there are a lot more cars). Perhaps he is using one of these devices which has made him forgetful. I hope he makes it to the Darwin Awards Finals! Click on the image to get a higher resolution picture. Enjoy!



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Seriously, get a life, SCO and SNCP. In case you haven’t heard, SCO filed chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last year as a result of its failed lawsuits against Linux vendors and customers. Now it has courted a new suitor, Stephen Norris Capital Partners, to the tune of $100 million to continue it’s nonsensical war against open source and Linux.

At least companies that put out crappy software and/or fall seriously short in the ethics department still actually try to innovate and compete (e.g., Microsoft – though conspiracy theories abound that say they’re behind all this nonsense). This cause, however, is only about greed, opportunism, desperation, and psychopathy, pure and simple. Perhaps these guys ought to try to better life on the planet with their “largesse.” Perhaps someone could actually innovate with that money. You know, find a cure for cancer, or develop social programs to eliminate poverty. I certainly hope the bankruptcy court sees this for the extortionist fraud it is and severs it off at the head.

Even if their case has some merit (which it certainly doesn’t appear to given what’s transpired and SCO’s own tactics of declaring bankruptcy weeks before going to trial), from a moral perspective what they’re doing is simply wrong. With all that’s at stake, with users and governments around the world benefiting from the spread of free software, this is analogous to a rogue enterprise waging a trillion dollar intellectual property battle to blot out the use of antibiotics. It doesn’t make economic sense, legal sense, or business sense, and smacks of moral turpitude.

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“Ooh, sexy title,” is what you’re thinking, I know. Anyway, with my compulsive habit these days of installing WordPress plugins, I downloaded Social Bookmarks Reloaded. A great start, mind you, but lacking in a couple of areas. The great thing about open source is you don’t have to sit around griping about software not doing what you want. You can go in and fix it to make it do what you want! In this case, my complaints were really nit picks. I didn’t like the fact that the mouse over text (i.e., the alt text) for each bookmark was hard-coded and basically said the same thing for each site (e.g., “Add this to Digg” “Add this to D…e.l.i.c..i..o.u….s…”). I wanted the Digg bookmark to say, “Digg this,” for example. So I added an extra parameter to the xml file that described the bookmarking sites which allows you to put in your own alt text if you wish. Then I invoked the mighty Vi and made code changes to the plugin to incorporate the new parameter and dynamically create the new alt text for each image. Voila! I’ve got lots more changes I want to make to the plugin, such as adding this description interface to the plugin options interface, and a way to edit the bookmarking sites dynamically, among other things. Once I’m done I’ll re-release the plugin so others can take it and add even more functionality. Vive la Open Source!

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Well we had some definitively crappy weather here in Houston (METAR below) so no eclipse. Nada. Perhaps getting in a plane and flying around above the clouds would have yielded a better view. BUT, that would require I pull myself away from blogging, twittering or such other worldly endeavors. Maybe I’ll have all the CSS refactored by the next one in 2010. Hell maybe I’ll be twittering from the moon in 2010. :)

METAR as promised (you know you love it):

KHOU 210618Z 11003KT 8SM FEW003 OVC009 19/18 A2991 RMK AO2 CIG 006V012