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(UPDATED) An image of the flight path superimposed on Google Earth has been added. More coming soon!

Here is some initial information about the US Airways flight that crash landed in the Hudson river shortly after departing KLGA bound for Charlotte. I will be updating this post as more information comes in. It appears the cause of the emergency was bird strikes in both engines, causing complete engine flameout.

Here is a table giving coordinates of the aircraft, speed and altitude, and the ATC facility with which the crew was communicating. Remarkable. You do practice engine out procedures extensively and aircraft are designed to survive bird strikes; the pilot’s judgment was impeccable and critical to the passengers’ survival. Had he attempted to return to KLGA, it would have had disastrous consequences.

Time Position Ground
Altitude Facility
Eastern TZ Latitude Longitude kts Feet Location/Type
03:26PM 40.80 -73.87 151 1800 level New York TRACON
03:27PM 40.83 -73.87 174 2800 climbing New York TRACON
03:27PM 40.86 -73.88 194 3200 climbing New York Center
03:28PM 40.88 -73.90 202 2000 descending New York TRACON
03:28PM 40.86 -73.93 215 1600 descending New York Center
03:29PM 40.83 -73.95 194 1200 descending New York TRACON
03:29PM 40.82 -73.97 191 1300 climbing New York Center
03:30PM 40.78 -74.00 189 400 descending New York TRACON
03:31PM 40.75 -74.02 153 300 descending New York TRACON

Here is the flight data superimposed on Google Earth:

AWE1549 Flight Path

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Charlie T on January 15th, 2009 at 10:44 pm #

What happened with the Live ATC audio feed? Has anyone found the audio recording?

Sean on January 16th, 2009 at 1:01 pm #

Unfortunately there isn’t presently a feed at KLGA. Supposedly the flight was speaking with N90 TRACON controllers, which possibly are covered by the KEWR feed but I haven’t identified it as of yet. I’ll be updating this entry with new information as I find it. Thanks for stopping by!

Ross McCulloch on January 19th, 2009 at 9:41 am #

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So what are you waiting for…you can add your questions to the comments section of the post:

I’ll be taking questions over the next 24hrs, right up until 20:30 GMT on 19th January 2009.


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